October Newsletter

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Community Tree Hub Planting Event – Saturday, October 15th Ahead of our proposed 2023 launch of the FCF community tree hub, we are pleased to start this project a bit earlier in partnership with CAFES and through a generous donation of tree seedlings from Ecology Ottawa. We are planting small seedlings into our seedling area (a.k.a. the FCF […]

“Let’s Move Mountains” Mulching Party

Want a great way to mark the end of August, do something great for the environment, get some outdoor physical exercise, time in nature AND socialize with like-minded folks. Why not join us at Forêt Capitale Forest’s base of operations at the Just Food Community Farm at 2391 Pepin Court this Wednesday, August 31st any time between 4 – 7 […]

POLLINATORS – Monarch Butterflies

We love our pollinators! Pollinators play key key roles in each terrestrial ecosystem they call home. Assuring that our flowering plants get fertilized to continue to produce seeds each year. One pollinator that is especially exceptional is the Monarch Butterfly. We are lucky enough to see this beautiful pollinator at our base of operations at the Just Food Community Farm. […]

Short and Sweet: Why Urban Forests?

Although trees may not look like money-making machines, the benefits and services that they provide to us make them an extremely valuable, and measurable resource! Ecosystems and trees provide us with three different kinds of service values: social, economic, and environmental benefits. When we consider all of these, it’s no wonder why we need to protect and enhance our urban […]