Day 2: Benefits of Native Species

Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)

Native species are vitally important to build strong and sustainable ecosystems. A species is native to an area if it has naturally evolved there. An example of this is the Eastern White Pine, the tallest tree native to Ontario which has evolved to be in this area. Biodiverse native tree species are essential in creating a healthy forest ecosystem which in turn provides many ecosystem services. The ecosystem services that a healthy forest will provide include: preventing soil erosion, carbon storage, and providing habitat for native wildlife. 

We afforest with native species, thereby increasing the benefits of our afforestation sites. Native tree species are best suited to the specific climatic conditions of a region. Meaning that the native trees we plant will have the best chance of survival through our hot summers and cold winters. However, when our afforested trees are young they still need our help to survive! This help includes watering during the summer months and tree guarding them over the winter months.

If you would like to fund future projects to afforest native species and efforts to keep them healthy please visit our Canada Helps fundraising page by clicking the button below!

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