FCF Projects

Forêt Capitale Forest (FCF) engages in a variety of work organized by these main themes; capacity building, community engagement and education and developing relationships with landowners and organizations with complementary missions.  

An immediate FCF goal is to build capacity.  FCF’s active projects reflect that goal.  Projects focus on securing the supply chain of healthy, local native tree stock by training and creating a tree seed collection team, building a seedling enclosure, conducting tree seed collection forays, sapling harvests, ahead-of-time procurement and establishing community tree hubs where these young trees can be temporarily housed while new relationships with landowners are formed and more planting events are scheduled.

Base of Operations

The Just Food Community Farm in Blackburn Hamlet, in Ottawa’s east end, has generously offered to provide Forêt Capitale Forest a place to establish an “operations base”.

Tree Planting

FCF is also hosting many planting events for various groups that include but are not limited to corporate groups, local community associations, community leaders and youth groups.

We provide guidance and resources for the latest adaptive afforestation management practices that ensure trees reach a state of maturity. Fôret Capitale Forest relies heavily on the support of community stewardship.

Community Tree Hub

We are building organizational and regional capacity to scale tree planting by convening stakeholders to develop and scale a cohesive region approach, launching Ottawa’s first tree sapling harvesting program, and expanding Community Tree Hubs across the region. These efforts will establish the regional sector infrastructure required to deliver large-scale planting initiatives.