Forêt Capitale Forest (FCF) engages in a variety of work organized by these main themes; capacity building, community engagement and education and developing relationships with landowners and organizations with complementary missions.  

An immediate FCF goal is to build capacity.  FCF’s active projects reflect that goal.  Projects focus on securing the supply chain of healthy, local native tree stock by training and creating a tree seed collection team, building a seedling enclosure, conducting tree seed collection forays, sapling harvests, ahead-of-time procurement and establishing community tree hubs where these young trees can be temporarily housed while new relationships with landowners are formed and more planting events are scheduled.

Just Food Community Farm

The Just Food Community Farm in Blackburn Hamlet, in Ottawa’s east end, has generously offered to provide Forêt Capitale Forest a place to establish an “operations base”.

To engage and educate the broader community, FCF is planting “Tiny Forest” and “Tree Guild” demonstration plots in the community food forests that are under FCF stewardship at its base of operations at the Just Food Community Farm. These efforts are intended to inspire, educate and provide a living example of what can be done in small urban spaces. 

FCF is also hosting many planting events for various groups that include corporate groups, local community associations and youth groups.

Hog’s Back Park

In collaboration with one of the largest landowners in the region, FCF has been working with the National Capital Commission (NCC) to plant hundreds of trees at Hog’s Back Park and will continue to grow the relationship with the NCC and various sponsors at other sites.

Just Food planting site

More to come…