Forêt Capitale Forest Guidance Documents

Forêt Capitale Forest: Planting trees with a plan! PDF
Fôret Capitale Forest Afforestation PlanPDF
The National Capital Commission Forest Strategy Website
National Capital Region’s New Tree Canopy Study: Mapping the Tree Canopy, Understanding Green Infrastructure Website
Map of Base of Operations (at 2391 Pepin Court)Website
Forêt Capitale Forest Base of Operations “Virtual Tour” 2022Video
Forêt Capitale Forest Mission and Guidance Resources

Tiny Forests / Miyawaki Method

FCF Guide to Tiny ForestsPDF
Forêt Capitale Forest presents Tiny Forests: The Miyawaki MethodVideo
The Mini Forest Revolution (Hannah Lewis)Book
What is the Miyawaki Method of Afforestation Video
The tiny urban forests bringing nature to the heart of the cityVideo
How to grow a tiny forest anywhere (Shubhendu Sharma)Video
Tiny Forests & Miyawaki Method Resources

Forest Health & Care

Finding the Mother Tree (Dr. Suzanne Simard)Book
Sapling information sheet Info sheet
Stratification information sheet Info sheet
“Right Tree, Right Location” presentationPDF
Right Tree, Right Location teaserVideo
Tiny Forests & Miyawaki Method Resources

Food Forests

In a Food ForestPDF
Lawn Conversion Tree Guilds Planting PlansPDF
Urban Food Forests Planning GuidePDF
“Care and Consideration for Food-bearing Trees” presentationPDF
“Care and Consideration for Food-bearing Trees” teaserVideo
“Planting a Food Forest” videoVideo
Winter pruning workshop Identification and Observation ChecklistPDF
Food Forest Resources