Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Forêt Capitale Forest is a registered charity whose mission aims to mitigate the effects of climate change by facilitating the planting of forests and raising awareness of the importance of trees and biodiversity. We engage the local community to plant trees, link ecosystems, and steward resilient urban forests by enabling communities to become urban forest stewards through private and public landowner collaboration. Donations directly support more sustainable and successful tree-planting projects.

Our organization is guided by an afforestation model that places a large importance into maintaining and caring for trees after they’ve been planted until they reach maturity, this ensures a high survival rate. As a growing environmental non-profit, we rely heavily on community stewardship to care and maintain new urban forests until they reach maturity. To do this we strive to enable communities to become urban forest stewards through private and public landowner collaboration. 

Forêt Capitale Forest has many projects related to urban afforestation including community tree planting events, demonstration plots that aim to inspire community members to convert small private parcels of land to productive and biodiverse ecosystems, and the development of a community tree hub aimed at building capacity for future afforestation projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is that by 2030, we will create an additional 1,000 hectares of tree cover in East Ottawa, helping to mitigate climate change and conserve biodiversity.

We have built strategic relationships with organizations in Eastern Ontario to build a full lifecycle program around the establishment of new forested areas, tailored to Ottawa.

Our plan of afforesting 1,000 hectares roughly equates to 1 million trees and is scalable. Our vision mirrors the mandates of the NCC and City of Ottawa, and aligns with the federal government’s pledge to plant 2 Billion Trees by 2030. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some of those trees in Canada’s capital?