April Newsletter

CELEBRATE EARTH DAY 2023! Unique and interactive Earth Day workshop coming up!

A reminder that Forêt Capitale Forest Director – Shelley Lambert will be speaking at an amazing workshop on Saturday, April 22th on RIGHT TREE, RIGHT LOCATION: GROWING A NEIGHBOURHOOD. Orientation and practical tips set the stage for a workshop in the Hendrick Farm community on best practices for healthy trees. Register here if you are interested in attending!

Upcoming projects at our Base of Operations.

We are beginning to open our Base of Operations located at the Just Food Community Farm as the last remaining layers of snow begin to melt! We have many exciting new projects at our Base of Operations that we will need help with over the next few months. One project we’d like to share with you is that we will be building an interactive walking path that will weave through our various projects! 

Our aim is to build a network of pathways of maintained grass and gravel adorned by educational signage that makes exploring the varied landmarks at our base of operations a pleasure.

You can view our digital walking path for days you are unable to make it to our base of operations.

Spring Biodiversity in sight!

With spring temperatures upon us, we are beginning to see buds burgeoning on tree tips and spring wildlife becoming more energetic! 

Bee spotted on a native willow at our Base of Operations

A recent visit to the Base of Operations saw lots of bees working hard to collect pollen from native willows.

Along with planting a diverse range of native tree species, we aim to plant native wildflowers in forest floors and afforestation projects to support the high amount of biodiversity that is found in a multi-layer mature forest. 

Read about how we are supporting wild monarch butterflies at our Base of Operations.

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