Ensure you fill out and submit the tree care report form after completing any stewardship activities at the site. By submitting a report you will help FCF and the community understand how to direct our focus regarding tree care and forest stewardship.

We have divided the trees into smaller zones. These sites and zones are indicated on the map below. Please indicate which site(s)/zone(s) you watered when filling out this form.

Watering Instructions:

  1. When in doubt, conduct a spot audit to ascertain the moisture in the soil under the mulch. This can prevent over-watering.
  2. Watering trees can be completed every 2-3 days.
  3. Water buckets can be filled from the 1000 L tote (location indicated on map).
  4. It is recommended that each tree receives approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a bucket of water (~6-10 litres). Pour slowly around the base of the tree and on the mulch ring.
  5. Guide d’Arrosage FCF / FCF Watering Instructions

Mulching Instructions:

  • Place mulch in a ring around the base of the tree (approximately 2-4 inches from the truck of the tree). 
  • Ensure that no mulch is touching the tree. Constant moisture from the mulch against the truck of the tree can lead to decay and disease.
  • The mulch ring should be 3-4  inches deep as this will keep the soil around the roots moist.
  • The layer of mulch should resemble a “doughnut” around the tree.
  • Guide du Paillage FCF / FCF Mulching Guide

Weeding Instructions:

  • Carefully remove or trim any competing vegetation from a 3 foot radius around the base of the tree.
  • Excess trimmings can be placed at the base of the tree similar to how you would mulch the tree. Ensure that the trimmings are placed in a ring around the base of the tree and do not touch the trunk.
  • Small to medium sized garden shears or pruners and gardening gloves are recommended for trimming competing vegetation.

Tree Disease and Pest Identification:


  • Please let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary (i.e. damaged or mowed trees, deer browsing and girdling of trees, vandalism, etc.)

    • Please wear closed-toed shoes as the ground is uneven.

    • Please wear long pants and tucked in socks for tick protection.

    • Keep yourself protected from the sun in heat by bringing sunscreen. a hat, sunglasses, and drinking water.

    • Warning: Be observant of poison ivy, stinging nettle and other noxious weeds that may be present. Please see identification guides (Panais Sauvage / Wild Parsnip, Herbe à Puces / Poison Ivy). If exposed to either plant, wash hands and affected areas with soap and water as soon as possible. Avoid contact with eyes. 
      • Note: Additional signs are attached to the water tote to assist with identifying the noxious weeds (if applicable).

Use this space to provide any additional details or share any insights/concerns.
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If you have questions, please contact us at comms@foretcapitaleforest.ca.