Summer Solstice is a Special Time

Summer Solstice marks the longest day and the shortest night of the year when the Sun is at the highest point in the sky. For as long as humans have existed, cultures worldwide mark this significant yearly event with ceremonies and festivals. It is an opportunity for us to stop and recognize our connection with Nature. June 21st, the date […]

FCF Leadership in Tiny Forests

FCF is driven to become a leader in Tiny Forests Forêt Capitale Forest is driven to become a leader in the Miyawaki Method Tiny Forest movement in the National Capital Region. Since May 2022, FCF has planted nine Tiny Forests following the Miyawaki Method of afforestation. Five of the nine Tiny Forests planted are located at our publicly-accessible Base of […]

Mid-June 2023 Week in Review

After a spring with record-breaking heat, orange smoky skies, and some planting activities, we find ourselves very busy and motivated. It turns out that the bulk of the effort with urban afforestation is the extensive prep work and ongoing maintenance that occurs ahead of and after the few hours of a tree-planting event. What other activities is our organization doing? […]

How to push towards carbon neutrality? Interesting article explains.

(le français suit) Interesting to read this article after a wonderful workshop Saturday, March 25th, 2023 with fellow non-profit Eco Echo and participants from La Pêche Global Forest Group   Cities (…) have been pushing towards carbon neutrality. To get there, we need to encourage the development of a healthy civil society in cities worldwide that have room to experiment and share […]

Where do we source are native wildflower seeds?

FCF has begun preparing for our upcoming afforestation projects this planting season! We have started to grow forbs and shrubs that will be used in our Tiny Forest Project and other planting projects at our Base of Operations this spring. Planting native forbs and shrubs are essential in creating a healthy forest ecosystem which in turn provides many ecosystem services […]