Recognition from SOUL’s Greener Greenspace Program!

Forêt Capitale Forest is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as part of The Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL)’s Greener Greenspace program for our work on the Red Barn Food Forest in 2022! SOUL is a Canadian organization that cares deeply about responsible land stewardship and started this program to share and inspire ecologically-focused land care across […]

Interactive Project Map

The interactive map below shows all of our community tree planting project locations alongside a brief description of when each project was planted, the number of trees planted, and a species list. Forêt Capitale Forest is working to undertake many afforestation projects across the National Capital Region. As we grow, the map will be populated with all of our afforestation […]

POLLINATORS – Monarch Butterflies

We love our pollinators! Pollinators play key key roles in each terrestrial ecosystem they call home. Assuring that our flowering plants get fertilized to continue to produce seeds each year. One pollinator that is especially exceptional is the Monarch Butterfly. We are lucky enough to see this beautiful pollinator at our base of operations at the Just Food Community Farm. […]

Urban Heat Island Effect – Interactive Tool

Ottawa experienced yet another heat warning at the end of July, we are experiencing heat waves with increasing frequency and intensity due to climate change. Knowing where heat islands are in our cities — and who lives in them — becomes a crucial public health issue. The urban heat island effect occurs because the closely packed buildings and paved surfaces […]