FCF Leadership in Tiny Forests

FCF is driven to become a leader in Tiny Forests Forêt Capitale Forest is driven to become a leader in the Miyawaki Method Tiny Forest movement in the National Capital Region. Since May 2022, FCF has planted nine Tiny Forests following the Miyawaki Method of afforestation. Five of the nine Tiny Forests planted are located at our publicly-accessible Base of […]

Forêt Capitale Forest Walking Path

This fall, we began the installation of our interactive walking path at our Base of Operations, in collaboration with the Just Food Community Farm. This project has been made possible due to the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and Tree Canada through their Edible Trees Grant and Treemendous Communities Grant. Once completed, visitors will be able to walk along […]

Food-bearing Trees in your Personal Edible Landscapes

Our mission is to increase the biodiversity and increase the number of trees planted in the National Capital region while connecting and engaging people to care for these new spaces. We specialize in afforestation on public lands in Ottawa, but also want to empower individuals to transform their spaces. Our base of operations is located in Blackburn Hamlet at the […]

An Introduction to Our Tiny Forest Demonstration Plots

Motivation Let me share with you my perspective on our Tiny Forests Demonstration plots and what prompted our proposal as part of a Tree Canada ‘Treemendous Communities’ grant submission in 2021/2022. We wanted to ‘trial the Miyawaki method of afforestation’, which is a method developed by Professor Miyawaki in Japan. It is applied to creating mini-forests, often referred to as […]

Community Tree Hub

We have begun to develop and to launch a tree sapling harvesting and replanting program, informed by the highly successful model in the Netherlands. The program will harvest wild saplings of regional tree species, support them to optimal replanting age, plant and monitor new trees in vetted locations.   We will work with partners to adapt our model to a local […]