Community Tree Hub

We have begun to develop and to launch a tree sapling harvesting and replanting program, informed by the highly successful model in the Netherlands. The program will harvest wild saplings of regional tree species, support them to optimal replanting age, plant and monitor new trees in vetted locations.   We will work with partners to adapt our model to a local […]

Base of Operations

Just Food has generously offered to provide Forêt Capitale Forest a place to establish a “operations base” at the Just Food Community Farm located in Blackburn Hamlet. We conduct various afforestation research and demonstration projects that help us adapt our approach to the best afforestation practices specific to the National Capital Region. Big Plans for Small Forests The Big Plans […]

Tree Planting Events

FCF is also hosting many planting events for various groups that include but are not limited to corporate groups, local community associations, community leaders and youth groups. We provide guidance and resources for the latest adaptive afforestation management practices that ensure trees reach a state of maturity. Fôret Capitale Forest relies heavily on the support of community stewardship.  Big Plans […]