Day 12: Volunteer Appreciation

We rely heavily on the support of our amazing volunteers to help us plant trees with a plan in the National Capital Region. Without them we would not be able to meet our ambitious goals! Volunteer support and community stewardship are key aspects of our plan to ensure our new forests grow to maturity! We are thrilled that 265 volunteers […]

Day 11: Organizational Growth

Incorporated in 2020, Forêt Capitale Forest has experienced a large amount of growth in organizational capacity in 2022. We would like to thank the Ottawa Community Foundation for helping us grow by supporting staff hiring and funding our efforts to create a Strategic Plan. The increased capacity allowed us to increase the number of afforestation projects. This type of support […]

Day 10: Seedling Area

One of our latest projects is to develop and launch a tree sapling harvesting and replanting program, informed by a highly successful model in the Netherlands. This project will expand community tree hubs across Ottawa to provide temporary or permanent locations to house/grow harvested tree saplings and provide community outreach and education around tree identification, seed collection, planting, harvesting, monitoring and […]

Day 9: Pollinators

Pollinators need our help! Many pollinator species have been declining in recent years due to a multitude of factors, one of which is habitat loss. The Monarch Butterfly is one species that has been especially impacted by habitat loss. One plant family that is vital to the butterfly’s success is Milkweed. Monarch Butterfly caterpillars feed exclusively on milkweed species, such […]

Day 8: Aviation Parkway

Forêt Capitale Forest in collaboration with the NCC has planted 200 trees winding along the Aviation Parkway (near Clarke Avenue and Rainsford Avenue) in October 2022. All 200 trees are native species such as yellow birch, common hackberry, American basswood, ironwood, and black walnut! FCF’s afforestation model relies upon community stewardship to support tree care and forest maintenance until the […]