Recognition from SOUL’s Greener Greenspace Program!

Forêt Capitale Forest is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as part of The Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL)’s Greener Greenspace program for our work on the Red Barn Food Forest in 2022! SOUL is a Canadian organization that cares deeply about responsible land stewardship and started this program to share and inspire ecologically-focused land care across […]

Interactive Project Map

The interactive map below shows all of our community tree planting project locations alongside a brief description of when each project was planted, the number of trees planted, and a species list. Forêt Capitale Forest is working to undertake many afforestation projects across the National Capital Region. As we grow, the map will be populated with all of our afforestation […]

Day 3: Hog’s Back Park Afforestation

Forêt Capitale Forest has planted 500 native trees at Hog’s Back Park over the past two planting seasons (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022). Throughout the summer, we had help from nearby community members who stewarded the site through watering and caring for the trees. This stewardship of the young trees after they have been planted is as important as planting […]

Day 2: Benefits of Native Species

Native species are vitally important to build strong and sustainable ecosystems. A species is native to an area if it has naturally evolved there. An example of this is the Eastern White Pine, the tallest tree native to Ontario which has evolved to be in this area. Biodiverse native tree species are essential in creating a healthy forest ecosystem which […]