Urban Heat Island Effect – Interactive Tool

Ottawa experienced yet another heat warning at the end of July, we are experiencing heat waves with increasing frequency and intensity due to climate change. Knowing where heat islands are in our cities — and who lives in them — becomes a crucial public health issue. The urban heat island effect occurs because the closely packed buildings and paved surfaces […]


We need your help protecting our trees from the invasive Japanese Beetles. These beetles are found frequently this time of year and cause immense damage to our local vegetation. This is especially evident at our Hog’s Back Park planting sites. They have favoured attacking the Basswood and Yellow Birch on site and now have begun to attack the Bur Oak […]

How Nature Can Save Us Money – Interesting New Study

As we have all expected being around nature makes us healthier! Exposure to green spaces has long been documented as being beneficial to our health. These health benefits include decreased restlessness, fatigue and improved mental health. Although here in Canada we are free from the high costs of privatized healthcare, our neighbours to the south incur major costs through their […]

Short and Sweet: Why Urban Forests?

Although trees may not look like money-making machines, the benefits and services that they provide to us make them an extremely valuable, and measurable resource! Ecosystems and trees provide us with three different kinds of service values: social, economic, and environmental benefits. When we consider all of these, it’s no wonder why we need to protect and enhance our urban […]