FCF Spring Newsletter

Happy Spring FCF volunteers! As the warmth of spring begins to embrace us, we’re excited to welcome all our dedicated volunteers back from winter hibernation! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for another eventful year of tree care.  We’ve been busy all winter gearing up and planning for big projects and exciting new initiatives this year. […]

FCF Leadership in Tiny Forests

FCF is driven to become a leader in Tiny Forests Forêt Capitale Forest is driven to become a leader in the Miyawaki Method Tiny Forest movement in the National Capital Region. Since May 2022, FCF has planted nine Tiny Forests following the Miyawaki Method of afforestation. Five of the nine Tiny Forests planted are located at our publicly-accessible Base of […]

Help support local biodiversity!

Biodiversity is key to healthy and resilient new urban forests. FCF aims to create biodiverse forests in the National Capital Region. In 2023 alone, we planted 95 species of trees, native shrubs, and forbs, with the most planted tree being the silver maple. See how you can help support local biodiversity by going to the link below. #givingtuesday #newforest #planttrees […]

Support tree care and maintenance today!

Did you know that tree care and maintenance after planting are equally if not more important than the planting itself? We include this work in our “planting trees with a plan” model of afforestation. By donating to FCF, your gift will support the planting, care and maintenance of new urban forests. By providing critical stewardship to newly planted trees, more […]

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Hello FCF Supporters! Wow! We have had a very busy fall and we are excited to share everything we’ve been doing these last couple of months. As we reflect on this season’s close, we feel extremely grateful for our volunteers, funders, and partners for their support in making this all happen. Five new Tiny Forests added to Ottawa We started […]