Day 6: Lawn Conversion Tree Guilds

In the spring of this year, we began an exciting project made possible thanks to a Treemendous Communities grant through Tree Canada and their wonderful sponsor Reactine! Our four Lawn Conversion Tree Guilds at our Base of Operations invite the rethinking of your front or backyard. These four guilds demonstrate how you can transform your lawn into a lightly maintained […]

Day 5: Red Barn Food Forest

The Red Barn Food Forest is the first project that is located at our Base of Operations being established in 2020. This food forest is designed purposefully as a wild space as a safe haven for a great variety of pollinators, birds and other wildlife. Many edible trees, shrubs and perennials are planted for multiple purposes, including food production, pollinator […]

Day 4: Walking Path – Tours

A goal of Forêt Capitale Forest is to open our current afforestation projects to the public to gain awareness and grow local accessibility to nature. To meet this goal we are building a walking path through our Base of Operations which is home to the Red Barn Community Food Forest and the 8 demonstration plots of our Big Plans for […]

Day 3: Hog’s Back Park Afforestation

Forêt Capitale Forest has planted 500 native trees at Hog’s Back Park over the past two planting seasons (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022). Throughout the summer, we had help from nearby community members who stewarded the site through watering and caring for the trees. This stewardship of the young trees after they have been planted is as important as planting […]