June Newsletter


Mid-June Week in Review

June has been a busy month for FCF. We have many projects going on at once which all culminated in an eventful mid-June. You can read about some of the projects in our Mid-June 2023 Week in Review blog post.

Check out our New Blog Series on our Tiny Forest Demonstration Plots!

We are launching a new series of blog posts that follow all things Tiny Forests! Please read our first blog post of the series to learn the basics of Tiny Forests.

How can you get involved with FCF?

Thank you all for attending our June 14th Volunteer event! It was a great evening and so nice to connect with you all. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and dynamic group of volunteers. 

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, you can still learn about the 2023 volunteer opportunities. 

Click here to view the speakers’ presentation. 

If any of the volunteer opportunities interest you, please fill out this volunteer signup form. This will help us better organize and communicate with our volunteers.  

Thank you and we look forward to working with all of you this year!  

140 new trees at Brébeuf Park!

In partnership with Tree Canada / Arbres Canada, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and the National Capital Commission, together we planted 141 trees at Brébeuf Park the morning of May 27th! The tree species planted were silver maple, balsam poplar and eastern cottonwood. Thank you to all who helped! 

With ongoing tree maintenance we look forward to seeing these trees grow in this great riverside location!

Please email comms@foretcapitaleforest.ca if you are interested in watering these trees!

New Riverside urban forest!

As part of the Ottawa Centre Tree Planting Initiative led by MP Yasir Naqvi, and in collaboration with CAFES Ottawa, Forests Ontario and National Capital Commission. Ottawa Centre community members helped us plant 43 native trees along the Rideau River on May 28th! It was a perfect day to plant trees all while learning how to plant and care for trees in your neighborhood!

Local community members are welcome to water trees. Keep an eye out for a water tote and watering instructions onsite!

Please email comms@foretcapitaleforest.ca if you are interested in watering these trees!

Thank you to Aviva Canada and Tree Canada!

On June 15th, FCF had a group from Aviva Canada come to our Base of Operations for a morning of tree planting and tree care activities! The event was supported by Tree Canada’s Partners in Planting Initiative. FCF’s role as a Forestry Specialist is to organize a planting day for the group from Aviva Canada.

The day was a great success! With the help of the volunteers we were able to make great progress on various projects including a Tiny Forest Project, building a seating area for reflection at the Birch Path Healing Forest, and experimenting with innovative ways to afforest water-logged areas.

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