Celebrating National Forest Week


Join Forêt Capitale Forest to celebrate this National Forest Week! There are many ways to celebrate our National Capital region’s urban and peri-urban forests.

  • A quiet and mindful way… Appreciate your local forested areas and if you can, spend some time in them.
  • A sweaty and physical way… Get planting, whether in your own yard or as part of a Wednesday, September 20th National Tree Day event. We are participating in 2 events, a Tree Canada event in Kanata (which appears to be fully registered already) and one at our Base of Operations at 2391 Pepin Court (see more details about our National Tree Day event).
  • An impactful monetary way… Donate towards more urban afforestation and increasing biodiversity. Visit us on CanadaHelps to receive a charitable receipt for your donation. Your donation towards Forêt Capitale Forest helps pay not only for trees but also for post-planting tree care and site maintenance that ensures a high survival rate for our projects.

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